Murtikalakar- Unsung artists



The period of festivity is always one of the best times in our life regardless of religion. Putting work aside, delicious food, meeting with family and friends and breathtaking idols replicate the uniqueness of the festival in India.  Few elements such as new clothes, accessories and food items add flavor in festivals and make it more enjoyable.

In Indian society, every festival has its unique characteristics and has been practicing in a specific predefined way. With the advent of technology and prevailing of modern lifestyle few festival’s ways of practice changed where as rest are yet remain intact.  There are few things which replicate religious rituals such as Idols and Hawans. Although, idols are not mandatory for all festivals but there are some such as Diwali, ganpati puja, Durga puja etc where festival seems to be incomplete without it.

We always add these beautiful idols to our rituals; however we often forget to appreciate those hands that create our god for us in physical form. There are few people whose contributions are so important to adorn the festival. Among them ‘Murtikar’ (sculptor) leads the crew.  Their skills and dedication add life to idols.  It is their creative works that make the festival vivid and their hard work give us the glimpse of divine world and the presence of God.  Those creators of our creator fill artistic elements in religious exercise.

The origin of ‘Murtikar’ appeared when ‘Murti puja’ started in the history of mankind. Though much before ‘Murti puja’ ritual, Murtikar’s work exists but in different form such as art works on rocks. They used to give shape to rocks and turn them into statues and also built idol of kings. Many rock-cut temples in south India speak out their glory.

Mahabalipuram Shore Temple


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Mahabalipuram is approximately 60 km away from Chennai. One can travel there by bus or local taxi or own vehicle. In Mahabalipuram Temple, one can find many old sculptures, among which a Sanctum of first Shiva Shrine and a big idol of reclining Lord Vishnu, are magnificent. The striking feature is that all the sculptures are carved from a single big rock. Leave as early as possible so you will be able to enjoy on the way mile stones such as Crocodile Park and Tiger cave rock cut temple. And yes don’t forget walk over rocks on the beach. It’s a great experience.


Mahabalipuram Shore Temple


Sunrise at Mahabalipuram


Mahabalipuram Temple


Tiger Cave Temple


You are wise


To all women who want to quit

I understand it is difficult to let go. I know you are suffering. I know it’s not fair what happened and you want things to be okay as you have endured enough. I know you are pretending to be happy. I know you are pretending to be strong or rude because there is a naive girl inside somewhere you are trying to protect. It’s okay if you don’t want anyone else to know about her. Nobody needs to care or know, but you should understand that in your entire struggle she is dying slowly. I understand no matter where you go your mind is still trapped in that one room but trust me that girl is trying to come out. A little push and she will make you happy again. It’s okay to be careless and cynical, do me a favor don’t give up instead, if necessary let it go. One day will come when you don’t have to pretend to be strong or happy because you will be for real. It’s just you don’t see that spark yet but I know it’s in there somewhere. You might not be able to see it yet but there is an end to it. Just hang in there and try not to be so harsh on yourself.

One day when everything is over, you will look back realizing how strong you are and how nicely you handled it.